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Waterloo Region LRT Mural

"Arras" is a work-in-progress mosaic mural, being created in partnership with Lauren Judge, to be installed on the Transit Driver’s Terminal at the Fairway LRT stop in Kitchener. Resembling textiles found in Fairway Mall’s past, Arras will combine globally known historical patterns in bright and welcoming colours, connecting designs like patchwork and forming a system of warmth and beauty.


"Beechwood Beauty” is a set of two mosaic planters at the entrance of the Clair Lake Playground in Waterloo.  Through a series of workshops, neighbours participated in their creation alongside the artist, creating a unique opportunity for community engagement.  

Other Public Art

 I have participated in the creation of various other Public Art Mosaics as a contributor:

  • ‘Memory Wall’ at Smither Park in Houston, TX

  • Safari Animals mural at Children's Hospital of Detroit, MI

  • ‘Awesome Wall’ Community Art Mural in Kitchener, ON


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