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Roar! Ari's 4!

Today, I had a chance to celebrate one of my favourite people of all time. Today, I got to bring joy to one of the most special people in the whole wide world. Today, I got to make my Ari's dreams come true.

An entire year of brainstorming and listening to his ideas and requests, planning with him, answering questions, being constantly reminded, and I think the day actually lived up to his expectations!

This birthday was a big one. It was his first "friends" birthday, his first birthday out of the house, and a chance to be happy and celebrate in the middle of a very tough transition. I really appreciated having something productive and happy to focus on. Ari has become one of the most thoughtful, imaginative, curious, kind, loving people I know. I love him more than words can say and he deserves to feel that.

Thank you to everyone who helped show him how loved he is today. I know that he felt it.


We had an Artshine birthday party (the company I work for: and I highly recommend it! 13 kids sitting quietly, focusing on a dino art project. Bliss! (Wait, is that some paint on Ezra's muffin?)

One very excited 4 year old! I made this shirt because the ones on Etsy cost a bazillion dollars and it was so easy! And boy did he love it.

The food: dino party sandwiches, hard-boiled dino eggs, dino fruit tray, dino cookies, a Dinosaur Train veggie tray, and a Dinosaur Train cake! (Cake courtesy of Auntie Jordi, Fruit Tray courtesy of Auntie Mara, and Super-Baba helped with pretty much everything else!)

The most delighted boy with his very fancy, surprise Dinosaur Train cake!

Other party details: home-made dinosaur crayons, loot bags and dinosaur tracks

A party just isn't a party without a dance party!

And the fun continued with present-opening at home

If you like what you see or are planning a dinosaur (train) birthday party of your own, here's my Pinterest board:

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