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Jordi Turns 30

In my last blog post, I reference how busy the past week was but I couldn’t reveal what I had been working on. Well, that’s because in addition to completing my first mosaic in a year, I was busy sewing and crafting in preparation for my sister’s birthday!

Yesterday was Jordana’s 30th birthday, and we pulled out the Zur-girl stops on decorations. Thanks to Pinterest, we came up with some adorable, crafty, beach-themed decorations for her pool party.

Cocktail-umbrella wreath at the door, jellyfish paper lanterns, seashell birthday banner and reef decorations

The most delicious cupcakes (buttered almond), and a sprinkle cake which Jordana had asked for months ago

Even Ari helped with the decorations

For her gift, I gave her a one-of-a-kind apron. The background story is that for my niece Zoey’s birthday back in December, I made her an adorable cupcake apron and Jordi asked me to make her one too.

Zoey’s birthday gift apron, back in December

Well, I went and found some more mature cupcake fabric and, using my own apron (which I love) as a guide, made up my own pattern. Everything was going to so smoothly so you know where this is heading…

Because this apron is technically reversible I had an idea just before sewing all the pieces together that I would add a second set of pockets to the back/other side. I cut the pockets out of what I thought was the pile of scrap fabric. But it was the cutouts for the aprons, not the scrap. And here’s how the apron pieces looked after I accidentally cut out those pieces.

Oops… a very risqué apron!

I had a quick cry, got over it, and went back to the fabric store to get more fabric and start over. This had quickly become one of the most expensive aprons ever made… But what’s done was done, and it was time to move forward. Everything actually did go smoothly after that, and I decided that with the extra fabric I would make my niece a second apron (for her Baba’s house) so that she could match her auntie.

The finished products

So finally, here they both are, in all their adorableness with their matchy matchy aprons! Ta da!

Happy birthday Jordi! I hope you enjoyed your day and felt all of our love surround you!

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