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There has been a lot going on. With Mother’s Day being this past weekend, I realized one important piece of news hasn’t made its way to my blog yet…

As announced on Facebook shortly after Ari’s birthday in March, we’re expecting Baby #2 in September!

It wasn’t a secret that we had a hard time getting pregnant with our little Ari, but this baby was quite the opposite. I can appreciate how hard it is to want and wait and face the monthly disappointment that comes along with trying for a baby. But now I can also appreciate the overwhelming emotions that come from the other side of that fence. With a lot of different aspects of my own life ramping up (like yoga teacher training and a large mosaic mural in the future) I was just starting to build my identity back up and get a sense of self again after feeling like I’d lost myself to motherhood. The news was a bit startling at first as I think we both expected that when we were ready it would take a while, but it didn’t take long for us to get excited and start making plans.

We let Ari tell our families the big news, and figured he would forget about it for a few months, but oh no… he has pretty much wanted to read “I’m a Big Brother” or “Waiting for the Baby” every single bedtime since then. He has been snuggling with my belly and giving the baby kisses from the moment he found out.

When we asked Ari if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl, every time he would answer us the same way: “Just a baby. Ari a big big brother.” And he was right, it didn’t matter. We would be thrilled either way. And he would be a big brother either way.


Ari made his very own t-shirt to announce to our family that he is getting a baby brother!

So, the bad news is I’m officially outnumbered (even counting Mitzi). But the good news is that all we need is a second seat for the stroller and we’re so ready.

Being one of 3 girls, our first time around I was so unsure of what to expect having a little boy. But I love having a son, and I’m thrilled to have one more. I have had so much fun discovering new things with Ari that I just didn’t pay attention to in a house full of girls, like the names of different construction vehicles, and I have also had so much fun nurturing his empathetic nature and supporting some more familiar interests like arts & crafts and baking.

I just know that Ari and his little brother are going to have so much fun together. And I know we will all love having a little more “sonshine” in our lives.

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