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I Knew You Could!

Today, my class graduated from yoga teacher training. It was an incredibly special celebration of a very meaningful 6 month journey. It has been a journey where I’ve gotten to learn from amazing teachers, and gotten to know some wonderful people, including a better version of myself. It’s been a journey where I’ve gotten to deepen my knowledge about a part of my life that I love and gained the knowledge to be able to share that love with others.

We were asked to read a passage or say something about what the journey has meant to us. For my turn, to demonstrate how proud I am off our entire class and all of my new friends in my yoga “family”, I borrowed from one of Ari’s books: “I Knew You Could! (A Book For All the Stops in Your Life)”. It’s just like the choo choo train that said “I think I can” but even better. I only read the first and last paragraphs in the interest of time, but am going to share the whole book here for your enjoyment. If you like Dr. Seuss’ “Oh the Places You’ll Go”, then you’ll probably love this one. Enjoy!

I Knew You Could by Craig Dorfman

I knew you could! And you knew it, too –

That you’d come out on top after all you’ve been through.

And from here you’ll go farther and see brand-new sights.

You’ll face brand-new hills that rise to new heights.

I wish I could show you the stops that you’ll visit,

But that isn’t my choice to make for you, is it?

Instead, I can tell you some lessons and tales

That I’ve learned and relearned in my time on the rails

First of all, you must find your own track,

So you can start right away and not be held back.

But which track is yours? Well, that all depends

On which way it’s going and where it might end.

Different tracks wind around, over, under and through,

So pick out the one that works best for you.

Though the track you start out on will feel like “the one,”

You might take a few more before you are done.

And now, with your eyes on your new destination,

Start up your wheels and roll out of the station.

On your new trip, you’ll make plenty of stops,

In deep river valleys and on high mountaintops.

Some will surprise you and some will be planned,

And you’ll roll through each one saying, “I think I can!”

You’ll go through tunnels, surrounded by dark,

And you’ll wish for a light or even a spark.

You might get scared or a little bit sad,

Wondering if maybe your track has gone bad.

So here’s some advice to help ease your doubt:

The track you took in must also go out.

So steady yourself and just keep on going –

Before you know it, some light will be showing.

And then you’ll be out, heading to a new place.

You’ll be ready for the next tunnel you face.

Sometimes you’ll look up and see planes in the sky,

And you’ll think to yourself, “I wish I could fly.”

The cars on the road will seem quick and free –

You’ll feel stuck on your track and think, “I wish that was me.”

But the plane might wish he could get out of the air,

Saying, “I wish I could travel like that train down there.”

The cars will watch as you speed right along,

And they’ll say to each other, “Look how fast and how strong!”

Don’t worry about not being a car or a plane,

Just enjoy the trip you’ll take as a train.

Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn,

if you need to be heard or there are people to warn.

Or if being yourself just makes you so proud,

That you want to share it and sing it out loud.

You’ll follow your track through the twists and the bends,

And stop at new stops and pick up new friends.

They’ll all come aboard with smiles and greetings.

You’ll have such great times with the people you’re meeting.

On the days when you’re sad and feel like you can’t go,

Speak up and ask a friend for a tow.

That’s what friends do, so don’t be afraid.

You’d do the same if your friend needed aid.

You might stop at some stops that you never have toured,

And look for new friends, but they won’t come aboard.

So you’ll have to head out with a creak and a groan,

Setting out once again on your track, all alone.

Try to remember that the world is so wide,

Full of all kinds of people with their own trains to ride.

Just stay true to yourself and you travel your track,

With no second-guessing and no looking back.

Once you’re on the right track, you’ll probably say,

“This one is mine – I’m here to stay.”

Try to enjoy the track that you choose –

Stop now and then to take in the views.

If you rush forward, as a general rule,

Before you arrive, you could run out of fuel.

Don’t overwork, but save up some strength.

That way, every day, you can travel great lengths.

You’ll need all that strength on the days when you’re stuck,

Or tired, or sad, or just out of luck.

When your belief in yourself doesn’t feel quite so pure,

And your “I think I can” doesn’t sound quite so sure.

That‘s when to push and to strive and to strain,

To show the world you’re not a giving-up train.

And you’re wise if you know that doing your best

Means that sometimes you should just slow down and rest.

Speeding through your whole trip will bring only sorrow,

So slow down today to be happy tomorrow.

There’s more about life that you’ll learn as you go,

Because figuring things out on your own helps you grow.

Just trust in yourself, and you’ll climb every hill.

Say, “I think I can!” and you know what?

You will!

At the end of the day, after the “yoga party”, Ari was singing a little song to himself at the dinner table: “My mommy, my mommy, so happy my mommy.”

Congratulations to the FusionMovement Yoga Teacher Training Graduates of 2017! I’m going to miss seeing you every other weekend and learning and growing together. I hope that our tracks continue to cross.


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