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Happy Birthday Zoey!

This weekend was my niece Zoey’s first birthday. Hard to believe that it’s already been a year since I posted about how proud I was of her for learning how to poop and breathe!

Her mama worked very hard to make her party very special. She sent out invitations (even though it was very intimate and we all knew exactly when and where to show up), printed pictures and worked on crafts for a while beforehand.

The night before her birthday (as Navin says, the last day that she was still zero) they put her to bed in cupcake jammies so that when they went to get her on the morning of her birthday, it would be extra special (I’m sure she didn’t know the difference but it was probably a fun reminder for Tamara & Will in those early morning hours).

When we arrived, greeted by all kinds of lovely decorations, she was out for a nap-inducing drive with her auntie Jordi. As soon as she got home she was swept upstairs to put on her party clothes and when she came downstairs and saw that her people were there, she was so excited.

Zoey’s sparkly eyes as soon as she came downstairs in her party dress

It was adorable and fun watching her learn how to unwrap a gift (a skill that she picked up quite quickly thanks to her auntie Jordi who did a special wrapping job by crocheting her a pom pom and making tabs in the wrapping paper for easy pulling access.)

I was inspired by Real Simple Magazine to do most of my wrapping with craft paper and fun accents this year (scroll to the bottom to see some other examples of my wrapping jobs)

And then of course she ate her first cupcake! At first she didn’t really know what to do with it, but she quickly figured that out too… and the sugar high that followed did not disappoint.

Last but not least, she took her one year old portrait with “Elder the Bear”, which she has done every month for her entire life.

Great job on a very special birthday Mara and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOEY! We love you!


For those who scrolled down for craft paper wrapping examples, here you go! I used all sorts of things from washi tape, bows and twine, to paint-chip shape cutouts, glitter glue, and cut up pieces of wrapping paper or scrapbook paper.

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