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baby bonanza

I was going to post an April Fool's joke that had to do with babies, but Navin informed me that April fool's jokes are only supposed to be posted until noon and I don't want to have to take this post down. So use your imagination... (and just to clear up any potential confusion or questions: no we are not pregnant)

Navin and I spent this past week visiting our family and friends back in the K-W & Toronto areas. It was great timing for a trip because we got to be part of family gatherings for both Passover and Easter.

I wish we had done this trip in the opposite order though, with the visit marathon part of the vacation first and the relaxing Mexico part of the vacation after. Visit vacations are not relaxing, they are exhausting! So I'm going to pretend that we did and post about visits first, and sunny vacations (including lots of diving) later.

I know that it's a sign of our life stage, but while we were home, we had a record number of babies to visit. In one week, we spent quality time with 10 children under the age of 4! And we weren't even able to see all of the new babies that have been born since our last visit. We loved seeing how much our friends' kids have grown, having fun playing with them and laughing at their "what's this" questions. My friends sure do make cute babies.

But for a couple of tiny humans, this visit was our chance to meet them for the very first time.

Baby Olivia is the adorable munchkin of Navin's "brother from another mother". We have always been close with both her parents before they were parents, and had a hard time being so far away when she was born. Boy is she cute! Half Philipino and half Irish, she has a ton of very dark hair and chubby rosy cheeks. She has hilarious facial expressions, is an excellent cuddler and smells like Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I just couldn't get enough of her.

Olivia's room is all monkey themed. Monkey sheets, monkey wall decor, monkey humidifier, etc. It's really quite fitting because she is such a little monkey. So I decided to make her a monkey mosaic.

And then later in the week, while we were in town, our friends Robin and Paul accomodated our request and delivered their little bundle of joy a teensy bit early so that we could meet her while we were in town. (Thanks guys!) So we had the pleasure of meeting 4 day old Baby Lia & getting a visit in with proud big sister Capri (who will always be a baby to me).

And I made my very first letter mosaics, inpsired first by baby Lia who got a more baby-friendly design, and then of course I couldn't leave out her big sister Capri, who got more of a big girl design.

I can't pretend that being around all of those adorable tiny humans didn't make me wonder why we don't have one of our own yet. But I still have some things to sort out and need the chance to be selfish for a little while.

So for now, I will have to borrow other people's babies to get my fix of delicious baby smells and luckily Mitzi keeps me quite satisfied in the cuddles department.

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