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Ari's 1st Birthday Party

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

It’s wonderful to reflect on a special day full of love and joy, spent with the people I love most, celebrating the person I love most. Today was Ari’s 1st birthday party!

I didn’t have any particular theme in mind when we started planning this special day. I decided to go with a Mickey theme because, well, that’s what was for sale at Wal-Mart and I didn’t think Frozen was as appropriate for a little boy’s birthday. And besides, Mickey is adorable and so much fun.

Even though it was only our immediate family, we sent out (or Ari hand-delivered) invitations and started a group Pinterest board for ideas. We had lots of ideas, both Pinspired by Pinterest (see what I did there?), or from my niece Zoey’s birthday party last year, and some original ones of our very own. I spent several nap-times making crafts or prepping food that could be frozen and baked at the last minute. Our family all brought food too. And I’m really happy with how it all turned out…and really appreciative of my family for their help in the preparations and celebrations.

Last night as I was making decorations, I got a bit frazzled, as I usually do, and Navin stopped me and said, “You’re ruining your own fun. Nobody is putting pressure on you except for you.” Wow. Well he nailed it on the head. From that point on, I did my best to remember that this was just for fun, and just for people I know and love, to celebrate my little Ari. And I really did have so much fun in the end! And so did our sweet little boy… I think he had the best time of his whole life.

I’ll keep this post short and full of pictures, and will just take this chance to say that my heart is so full of love right now that it could burst! What a wonderful way to celebrate Ari turning one.

We celebrated Ari’s actual birthday by doing a cake smash photoshoot. Here are our favourite shots from that…

Ari’s face lit up when he came downstairs from his nap and saw that everyone he loved was there, singing for him

We decorated his high chair with ribbons

I re-used the big #1 that we made for Zoey’s birthday last year and made a banner of Ari’s monthly photos (hanging by little Mickey heads attached to clothespins)...

Navin used dry-erase markers to write a birthday message and draw a little Mickey on our mirror...

I cut out Mickey heads from bright-coloured paper to hang as banners all over the house...

The food was all homemade, all made with Ari’s tastes in mind (but of course he didn’t want any of it…we all enjoyed it!)

– Mini spinach quiches

– Mac & cheese bites

– Spinach artichoke dip & Black bean dip with homemade toasted pita chips

– Assorted veggie train

– Homemade mozzarella sticks

– Assorted fruit (cut into Mickey shapes)

…and of course: Mickey-themed cupcakes & cake!

Ari had lots of help from his cousin Zoey to open and play with his new presents

And he enjoyed his first piece of cake (although he enjoyed the fruit more)… and was a complete mess by the end of the party! Success!

Post-party clean up selfie with Dada

And who can resist this cuteness (my newest niece, Janna)?! I think we all feel like this now that the party is over. I know I do!

A very happy birthday party indeed!

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