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A is for Ari

This week we celebrated our little Ari’s 2nd birthday! Crazy that he’s already two years old.

About a month ago I went on pinterest and thought I’d start showing him some ideas for his party: construction-themed (or “ati” in Ari’s words) decorations, cookie monster cupcakes… wait, hold on right there! He saw the picture of cookie monster cupcakes and made up his mind right there and then that was what he wanted. And he didn’t forget. Every day. For a month. Every morning and every nap for a month he woke up saying “Ari. Party. Happy Dirday. Cookie Monster Cupcakes.”

When the time came for him to celebrate his birthday at daycare, he was too shy. They made him a birthday crown and a card and wanted to sing “happy birthday” to him but he wouldn’t let them. Of course, as soon as he came home, he wouldn’t take the birthday crown off.

Ari and his birthday crown and card from daycare

The day of his actual birthday he special requested to go swimming, and despite many setbacks and a gong show of a morning, we made it! His Baba made him a special lunch, and then that night, we had a small celebration after dinner.

But the “big” party was on Saturday (I say “big” even though it was everyone who was at the small dinner the night before plus one, and was only his grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousins). It had decorations and a theme. And oh boy was it cookie monster themed. I had so much fun putting this special party together for our special boy. Leading up to his birthday, I had my yoga teacher training exams and graduation, so my time was mostly spent studying, reading and writing assignments. But every break I took, I spent making a banner, decorating cups and lanterns, making signs and games, and putting together loot bags. And he loved it all. (So did I.)

On the night before his birthday, I took some time to reflect on how our lives have changed in the past 2 years and all of things I love so much about him. I love how sweet and kind he is, that he always asks if it’s his turn yet and (usually) shares nicely. I love that he says “fank you” (except after opening birthday presents apparently) and “scuse me” (most of the time). I love how smart he is: that he knows what an octagon is, and that yesterday when I told him he needed to wait for something he responded “patience, mama”. I love that he makes punny jokes (like “Koala Pear” and “Twinkle twinkle lettuce star”) and that all of his jokes are food-related. I love how much he loves food and cooking and baking (and eating). I love that he requests specific meals for supper. I love how much he loves music and dancing and that he’s always doing mashups and making up his own words to his favourite songs, or just making up his own songs from scratch (“burger bun” is still one of our favourite songs). I love his little Ari-isms and mixups like how he still uses his own word for all “things that go” (construction vehicles, firetrucks, tractors…) called “ati”, and that he calls strawberries “strawdiggydiggys”, and that he sings about how “Old McFarmer” had a cow. I love how much he loves his family. I love how much he loves life. I love how much he has enriched our lives. With only 2 years behind him, I have so much to learn from him, and I try to be a little bit more like him whenever I can.

Happy birthday to our big boy! May you always love yourself, your family and life as much as you do right now.

Ari’s birthday crown and actual birth-day celebratory pie

Cookie Monster birthday party decorations, Birthday party food, giant cookie & cookie monster cupcakes

“Happy Dirday Ari” time!

We don’t know whether the loud cheering scared him, or he was just sad for the birthday song to be over, but in typical sensitive Ari fashion, he had a little post-candle cry

Dance party & game time!

Big Elmo came to help open presents! “Ready Elmo?” Ari said…

Birthday Party success! Hooray!

Cookie Monster Birthday Party Pinterest board with recipes:

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